How to become a university professor: two steps

I had no idea professors were so unqualified!

But shouldn’t they know how to teach?

The other day, I met and sat down with a literature professor.

I was curious, so I asked him — What does it take to teach at the university level?

“Well,” he said, “you’ve kind of just got to get a Ph.D. In your Ph.D. seminars, you get a chance to present your papers, and that’s kind of it.”

That blew my mind.

I have friends who went to school to study education, and they got four-year degrees in it.

Made me wonder:

Is there anyone out there who is both (a) an expert, and (b) a good teacher?

I didn’t wonder long, because my mind wandered back to 21 Steps’ business coaches.

They don’t have Ph.D.’s, but they’re rich fools.

And we have them teaching the same system that made them their money. (We thought that would be a good idea…)

Expert-teachers aplenty, here.

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Andreas Boenisch

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