How to use stories to sell and recruit…


The single most powerful communication device known men.

You can use them to sell.

You can use them to recruit.

And you can use them to influence people with ease.

For over a decade I was in a tough business with one of the hardest to sell products.

It’s one of these things that very few people actually WANT to talk about.


Using stories I was able to go from most prospects giving me the old “I want to think about it” (which means NO but I don’t want to say it)… to getting over 80% of everyone I met with, saying YES.

No pressure.

No hard-selling.

Forget all that.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to show how.

I'll tell you one of the secrets that Hollywood screenwriters know about stories that make them so compelling.

Why they have such irresistible power.

And how to use them to get a lot more people cheerfully saying YES to your products and to your business opportunity.

Here we go…

How to Use Stories to Sell and Recruit

Andreas Boenisch

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