JOHN - 45 years old

Age: 45
Sex: Male
Income: $65,000
1 wife
2 kids

Hobbies: spending time with children and wife, watching football on sundays, jogging, working in garage

Information Consumed: Books on internet marketing from amazon, John Chow, shoemoney, Problogger, Small Business Opportunity Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, 4 Hour Work Week, Basic Internet Marketing products

John is a 45 year old father of two (age 11 & 15) who is married and lives in a single family house. John attended college and has a steady job as a parole officer with the State of Michigan government and makes a salary of approximately $65,000. While the salary manages to pay the bills and always make ends meet, he constantly stresses because the family is living paycheck to paycheck. He would love to do things like take a family vacation or get that new lawn mower he has been wanting for awhile or even splurge on a big screen TV for that mancave in the basement he has always dreamed about, but it always seems like there is a new expense that prevents him from having the disposable income to do so. He could put it on a credit card, but feels nervous about the prospect of taking on more debt than his family already has.

Everyday John goes to a job he hates and is scared that he may eventually get fired because his work product continues to deteriorate due to his lack of engagement with his job. He constantly works in a mode of anxiety, because he is afraid that his boss will yell at him.

John is an introvert, he is somewhat shy and gets nervous around other people, and does not like to introduce himself. Because of this, his ability to advance in his job is limited.

John can feel the financial noose starting to tighten around his neck. His oldest is 3 years away from college and is already starting to talk about going to an Ivy League school. John was less than awesome when contributing to her college fund over the years and isn’t sure how he will even pay for one year let alone 4 (he secretly prays for a scholarship so he doesn’t have to break his little princesses heart). His youngest is going to need braces next summer and the house already needs a new roof.

John heard about these online bloggers making six figure checks from google adsense and is blown away by how "easy it seems" to make money online. His experience with internet marketing so far has been websites like johnchow and shoemoney. He tried to start an ebay business at one point thinking he could make big money drop shipping however gave up when he wasn't able to find anything with enough profit margin to sell. He tried blogging and even has a few failed blogs that he started but never got past more than a few entries. The idea of SEO puzzles him almost as much as html. He has thought about writing an eBook but the process seems so overwhelming.

John is often overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there. He knows there are so many ways to make money online but doesn't know where to begin or what to do. He wants to make a 6 figure income online but isn't quite sure what the best way to go. He wants something that can start producing income immediately, not something that will take 12 months. There are so many things to master to get this internet marketing business going…he wishes he could have a done for you/turn key system that would fast track him to online profits.