LINDA - 42 years old

Linda is 45 years old and was recently divorced about 8 months ago. She has 2 kids who are both in elementary school.

She use to be a stay at home mom when she was married but now because of her circumstances she is forced to go back to work. Unfortunately she is not happy with her job because is pays her less than she knows she is worth.

She really misses being at home with her kids and is always having to ask her boss if she can leave early for a doctors appointment, a dental appointment, see her kids elementary program and so on. She has no one to really help fill in as a parent for her while she is working.

She is trying to do some things on the side such as network marketing but hates having home meetings to recruit, calling all her friends and family members, pitching everyone 3 ft. around her. She feels exhausted from work and trying to build her part time network marketing business. She isn’t making any money with her network marketing business and barely is making ends meet. She tries to get in overtime with her job but again, exhausted.

She feels as if she is moving away from what she wants and that is more time with her kids and financial freedom.

What Linda wants things like they use to be. A secure income and a way for her to stay at home with her kids like the old days.

She doesn’t want to miss anymore of their life as she has already had to since her divorce.

She would love to finally meet someone but not someone that she has to depend on. She is a strong independent woman now and wants to be in control of her own life, business, and finances.

Linda also spends her evenings after the kids go to bed looking for a way to build her network marketing business online so she doesn’t have to do all the home meetings.

She feels like her head is going to explode every night as there is so much information on the internet regarding how to build a business online. She doesn’t know who to believe and who not to believe. She doesn’t know what is a scam and what is legit. She tries out a few low dollar programs but only gets part of the answers and ends up feeling even more confused.

She really wishes she had someone she could trust and get the proper guidance from.

Linda found and did this. Learn more about her way and find out if this works for you too by clicking the picture below ...