PATRICK - 34 years old

Patrick is a 34 year old father of two trying to balance working full time, building a side income through network marketing and being a great husband.

He’s stressed out because he works 60 hours a week, his wife Jenny works but barely makes a profit after paying for day-care. They’ve got good jobs but are upside down in debt (college loans, wedding, house, cars, babies, credit cards). He often worries that they’ll never be able to ever pay off debt. Patrick feels guilty because Jenny wants to be home full time with the kids, but with the way their finances are, there’s no chance. They both hate that their kids are being raised by Barb their day-care provider, but they have no other options.

Patrick has always seen the value in network marketing, sees that it is working for others in his company but feels like he’s missing something. He isn’t making any money, is spending all his spare time trying to build his business and when he reaches out to his upline for help, they keep telling him to just stay the course and reapproach his list which he’s now burned through too many times to keep track. He works twelve hour days and spends his nights and weekends building his network marketing business in his spare time. He has no time leftover to be a good father and husband.

Patrick lays awake at night in his home office searching online for a way to skip the Starbucks meetings, stop cold calling realtors on his lunch break and prospecting every waitress they meet when they go out to eat. He needs to make more money or he’s pretty sure that they’ll just continue to pile on debt with fear of ever recovering.

He’d love to have his wife be home with the kids, retire early from his job, go on family vacations, play golf, be debt free, save for his kids college and spend more time with his wife and family.

Patrick’s currently involved in 3 MLMs right now, trying to make money from each avenue. He’s not sure which has the best product and thinks that if he has more products to share with his family and friends, there might be a better chance they join on of his businesses.

When he initially talked to all of his family and friends, a few signed up, never brought in anyone else on their own and now they’ve all cancelled their autoships and he’s back to square one. Not to mention that he has an overflow of vitamin drinks from his own autoship that are stocking up his pantry and are about to expire.

Patrick’s come online because there has to be a better way to get prospects. His upline told him to post his product links on his personal profiles on social media, but he’s not getting any results and just feels uncomfortable doing it. He’s not seeing any progress and feels like a failure. He knows he’s a smart man but he just can’t seem to make this business work.

Right now he’s searching Google every night for anything that’ll tell him how to get more leads online for his network marketing business. Deep down he just really wants guidance, direction and a leader to show him what he should focus on every single day to make money with his business without continuing to prospect everyone he meets and re-approach his family and friends.