VICTORIA - 31 years old


Victoria is a 31-year-old mother of two, who is trying to balance the demands of her management career with being there for her two young children.

She often feels stressed out over bills because although she and her husband both have good jobs, they are just barely getting by and they are overwhelmed by a mountain of debt from college loans, a home they owe more on than it’s worth, several credit cards and two car payments.

Additionally, Victoria often feels guilty because her career demands have kept her from being the involved mother she always imagined herself being. Her biggest fear is missing out on watching her kids grow up because she can’t afford to quit her job.

She stays up at night dreaming of starting a business that will allow her to work from home and spend more time with her kids. She would like to make enough to start paying off the debt and put some money away for her kids college.

She has always loved the idea of traveling and seeing the world, but since having kids she has somewhat resigned to the likelihood that she won’t be able to travel until she’s retired, if at all. She would be happy to spend a half-day at the spa, an indulgence she hasn’t allowed herself since before her oldest was born.

In the past she’s tried a few part-time ventures, but nothing has really panned out for her and she feels stuck due to her limited amount of time and lack of available financial resources. Additionally, she’s secretly afraid that she will fail, which would only serve to add an even bigger burden on her already strained budget, not to mention the time that might be wasted on a fruitless pursuit.

Nonetheless, Victoria would be willing to jump in both feet for the right opportunity.

Something that had the potential to start making money quickly, move replace her income over the next year and that she could really feel passionate about.

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