Your Workshops are starting today in London and Philadelphia – Jan 26th-28th 2016



You've made an incredibly smart decision being interested in the I.M. Freedom Workshop starting today in London and Philadelphia. My promise to you is that you'll love it, and after attending, this whole ‘online business thing' will make a lot more sense.


You'll be given everything you need to start generating commissions online from the comfort of your own home.

Now, here is the potentially bad news : (


Did you know that after having done many of these around the world, we've discovered a shocking statistic;

Less than 40% of the people who register for the I.M. Freedom Workshop actually show up!


It's no wonder why most people who attempt to start an online business fail.


The difference between those who do well from in internet marketing from those who don't, is their willingness to take action.


So make a commitment to yourself right now that you're going to be one of the elite few who follow through and show up – after all, it's your future that we are talking about here.

My team will give you the training you need to do well – but you must attend for them to do that.


Have a Great Time Full of Value  as many others had before.


Talk Soon,